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Wich Full Metal Alchemist Charictor is MINE??

witch fullmetal alchemist character would fall for you and why?(girls)? by fullmetalfan
what is your name
who fell for you
why they like youbecause you were pretty
how much they like you: 85%
how much you like them: 3%
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ED ED IS ALLLLLL MINE HE IS SOOOO KUWAII!!! PEGGY !!! IF YOU HAVENT SEEN FULL METAL ALCHEMIST....YOU NEED TO SEE IT!!! ED IS SO CUTE!!!! IT COMES ON AT 1:00am in florida in alabama it comes on at 12:00 cause we are an hour behind! I dont know what the time thing is in texas but you'll figure it out! it only comes on mondays through wed. so you gotta watch it if you ever get the chance........but then again if you are already in florida by the time you read this then forget it cause it will be too late lol
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